Elos Ca Pur Calcium Carbonate Reactor Media

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ELOS Ca Pur - Calcium Carbonate


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Medium grain size pure Calcium Carbonate Media

Ultra pure calcium reactor media ideal for most calcium reactors. No worries about introducing impurities or organic trash normally found in most calcium reactor medias available. Nitrate & Phosphate free.

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price $14.00


ELOS Ca-Pur Calcium Reactor Media

ELOS Ca-Pur is a pure form of Calcium Carbonate specifically selected to be used in all marine aquarium. No unwanted purities or organic trash normally found in most CR media available. Nitrate and Phosphate free. Many lower quality Aragonite based calcium carbonate blends contains unwanted NO3 and PO4 or none carbonate fillers. Derived from Aragonite, its internal crystalline structure has an orthorhombic symmetry, whereas those of Calcite tend to often rhombohedral and differs from Calcite due to its high pureness. Medium grain size (approximately .25”) of pure Calcium Carbonate ideal for most calcium reactor models.

ELOS Ca-Pur provides bio-available calcium for lush growth of the aquarium biomass. Corals will open more and stay attached to their skeletons better,
with regular use.

Available in 3 liter bottle

1) Rinse well under fresh water
2) Fill up your Calcium Reactor chamber 
3) Close the reactor top lid following the manufacturer instructions.
4) Run the reactor with all valves closed so that the water re-circulates inside the chamber for few minutes. Check for any leaks.
5) Now you are ready to start your system. ELOS Ca-Pur start dissolving from pH 6.5-6.7 although it is possible to set a lower pH level for a faster 

Note: take care to measure KH and Ca level regularly.
Change with new, fresh media when the level reaches 50% or, in any case, when Ca and KH supplies are reduced.


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