1. ELOS Extra Vitamin Supplement

    ELOS Extra Vitamin Supplement

    25mL Glass Bottle of Vitamin Supplement for Fish & corals

    Treats up to 3,300gal of aquarium water

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  2. ELOS ProCoral ELOS ProCoral

    ELOS ProCoral

    90mL Glass Bottle of PRO Coral - Coral Food

    Previously known as ProSkimmer, ELOS ProCoral supplies complex carbohydrates which provide an immediate source of energy for cellular respiration as well an important energy source beneficial for a faster biosynthesis of amino acids

  3.   ELOS Omega Amino Acids

    ELOS Omega Amino Acids

    90mL Glass Bottle of Omega Amino acids supplement for corals

    ELOS OMEGA is the ultimate additive to recreate the water conditions in and around natural coral reefs. It delivers 17 important marine amino acids necessary also for the absorption and utilization of calcium.

  4.   ELOS SvC Pure Plankton

    ELOS SvC Pure Plankton

    SvC: zooplankton for filter feeders

    ELOS SvC is a high-concentrated bio-engineered marine zooplankton supplement, ideal for filter-feeding marine invertebrates.