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  1. Giesemann Matrixx II T5 Fixture (Iridium) Giesemann Matrixx II T5 Fixture (Iridium)

    Starting at: $39.99

    Giesemann Matrixx II T5 Fixture (Iridium)

    The Ultimate A Class T5 Lighting Fixture

    The Giesemann MATRIXX T5 fixture offers an attractive mix of high-level output, value and impressive elegance. Available in a bluetooth controllable MATRIXX DIMTEC DIMMABLE T5 fixture. Special order in diamond black or pure gloss white.

  2. Giesemann VerVve LED Fixture Giesemann VerVve LED Fixture

    Starting at: $39.99

    Giesemann VerVve LED Fixture

    Innovative Lighting With Unlimited Possibilities

    This elegantly crafted full-spectrum lighting fixture produces unmatched performance, unprecedented control and full customization.
    - Suspension cables and aquarium top mounting options sold separately.

    IMPORTANT: Android, iOS or Mac device is required for advanced programming.

  3. Giesemann Futura LED Fixture (Irridium) Giesemann Futura LED Fixture (Irridium)

    Starting at: $39.99

    Giesemann Futura LED Fixture (Irridium)

    The Giesemann Futura High Powered LED Fixture provides UNRIVALLED Control and Performance.

    available in 5 common aquarium lengths.