Reef Octopus BR-10T Biopellet Reactor

BioChurn 10T Commercial Biopellet Reactor

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Large Biopellet Reactor Ideal for Public Aquariums, Fish Farms and Aquaculture Centers up to 2500 Gallons

Footprint: 18 x17in | Body Diameter: Ф10in | Height: 43.7in
Recirculation Pump: Water Blaster 7000 | Wattage: 88w
Media Capacity:10L (2.64Gal)* |Required Feed Pump:1850-2650gph

*depends on brand of BioPellet media used.BioSphere media recommended


Commercial Fluidizing Biopellet Reactor

The Reef Octopus BC-10T Commercial Biochurn Biopellet Reactor is developed specifically for the needs of the commercial sector including public aquariums, fish farms and aquaculture centers up to 2,500 US Gallons.

The reactors superior “Power Churn" design easily fluidizes large amounts of biopellet media without blasting it withoutrageousflow just to fluidize the media. The unique motion produces much greater suspension of the pellet media in a cyclone "churn" style motion created with the patent pending churn plate. Equippedwith the dependable and super-efficient Water Blaster 7000 recirculation pump and features independent flow valves so the user can independently control the flow of media within the reactor.

Please contact us at Support@coralvue.comshould you need commercial equipment to suit your specific needs.


Recommended Aquariums ~2,500 Gallons

Biochurn BR-10T Technical Specs

Media Capacity: ~5L(1.32gal)*
Reactor Diameter: Ф10in
Footprint:18 x 17in

Output Size:40mm/1.25in
Inlet Size:40mm/1.25in

Recirculation Pump Information

Water Blaster HY-7000w Pump
Max Water Flow:1800gph
Max Head:12ft
Dimensions (L x W x H):9in x 4½in x 8.3in


  • BioSphere Media
  • Feed pump producing 1850-2650 gallons per hour

Warranty - One (1) year warranty on reactor body two (2) year on Water Blaster pump/one (1) year rotor .

*depends on brand of BioPellet media used.
Note: BioSphere media recommended


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