About Elos AquaStudio New York

Elos AquaStudio New York

As a full service aquarium store, the Elos AquaStudio™ provides both a unique shopping experience as well as all of the usual functions of a quality local fish store (livestock, service and sales). While the Elos AquaStudio™ specializes in Elos products, the Elos AquaStudio™ was designed by aquarium enthusiasts, to be enjoyed by all who share our passion.

The layout of Elos AquaStudio™ New York.

Livestock Area

The first thing you will notice when walking into the double doors of the AquaStudio™ is the amount of water and life. While there are running aquariums throughout the entire store, the front portion of the Elos AquaStudio™ New York is dedicated to the vast variety of animals available for your aquarium. All the livestock in the AquaStudio™ are housed in custom Elos display aquariums and Elos livestock holding units. All systems are filtered, lit, monitored and controlled using the same Elos products we sell at the AquaStudio™. At the AquaStudio™ New York, livestock is the primary focus and we have taken great care in making this area very easy for our staff to monitor and care for our animals as well as making this area easy for customers to enjoy their time selecting livestock or simply browsing.

Elos AquaStudio New YorkElos AquaStudio New York


Elos System and Product Area

From Elos fish food, to full Elos systems, the area in the back of the AquaStudio™ is dedicated to Elos products and other non-Elos products we use and recommend. Whether you are thinking of upgrading to an Elos system or just want to pick up a few small items, the AquaStudio™ New York product area is designed to make selecting products easy as well as giving you the chance to experience the full range of Elos systems and technical items.

The Elos AquaStudio™ New York Staff.

The AquaStudio™ New York staff is trained to make your shopping experience easy, informative and enjoyable. We have carefully designed the AquaStudio™ to be comfortable and simple to navigate alone but we understand that a well trained staff can be an integral part of your shopping experience, when needed. While the cash register is conveniently located between the livestock and product area, all staff members are encouraged to make themselves available to every customer throughout the AquaStudio™.

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